no love for ned 
setlist for 9.16.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
archers of loaf web in front icky mettle alias
the dismemberment plan spider in the snow (demo) the ice of boston ep interscope
idaho 20 years levitate idaho music
sloan summer's my season don't believe a word single murderecords
spoon the way we get by kill the moonlight merge
elf power temporary arm vainly clutching at phantom limbs arena rock
moth macabre two days s/t interscope
cinerama airborne / quick before it melts (extended version) torino manifesto
lilys shovel into spade kit better can't make your life better primary
james kochalka superstar don't sleep on the couch kissers highwater books
the kingsbury manx porchlight let you down overcoat
pernice brothers monkey suit overcome by happiness subpop
james iha sound of love let it come down virgin
the birds of america 3000 miles single wish compilation sprite
warm wires funhappy kindness two ton santa
fivehead #1 heart big mistake factory ep tight spot
stereo total the monster (oh qu 'il est vilain) fields and streams compilation kill rock stars
beat happening left behind dreamy k
the real tuesday weld turn on the sun again the meteorology of love ep bambino
felt the optimist and the poet the splendor of fear ep cherry red
chris bell i am the cosmos i am the cosmos rykodisc
the ida retsin family the great south river volume one muss my hair
june panic see(ing) double baby's breadth secretly canadian
grant lee buffalo happiness mighty joe moon slash
mark kozelek wop-a-din din white christmas live subpop
stevie wonder he's misstra know-it-all innervisions motown
micromars fast five international pop modulations audioinformationphenomena
japancakes duluth 75 belmondo (bliss out volume 19) darla
grandaddy our dying brains through a frosty plate glass ep v2
guided by voices keep it coming the pipe dreams of instant prince whippet ep rockathon
the white stripes we're going to be friends white blood cells v2