no love for ned 
setlist for 01.20.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
hayden dynamite walls skyscraper national park hardwood
syd barrett terrapin wouldn't you miss me - the best of syd barrett capitol
alasdair roberts the magpie's nest the crook of my arm secretly canadian
bonnie 'prince' billy three questions master and everyone palace
sick anchors you always hurt the ones you love s/t ep lost dog
wolf colonel jet ski accidents something/everything! k
the clean billy two anthology merge
the mendoza line molly, please stop touching me if they knew this was the end bar/none
dqe he axe alone but me, i fell down hoppel di hoy
nothing painted blue drinking game placeholders scat
14 iced bears cut let the breeze open our hearts overground
rainer maria mystery and misery long knives drawn polyvinyl
elf power never talking to you again nothing's going to happen orange twin
sloan it's in your eyes pretty together murderecords
the rondelles like a prayer shined nickels and loose change k
the kiss-offs we can work it out rock bottom peek-a-boo
erlend oye with jolly music prego amore unrest astralwerks
future bible heroes the lonely robot the lonely robot instinct
stereo total i love you, yoko my melody bobsled
masters of the hemisphere 200 heads protest a dark anniversary kindercore
the crabs time has come and gone what were flames now smoulder k
sprites when the summer comes around (?) demo (unreleased)
os mutantes baby (1971) everything is possible! the best of os mutantes luaka bop
liquorice no excuses listening cap 4ad
sarge the girl's bad news dreams are free (with purchase) compilation dark beloved cloud
oranger springtime the quiet vibration land amazing grease
versus never be o.k. two cents plus tax caroline
!!! hammerhead s/t gold standard labs
arab strap hey! fever the girls of summer ep chemikal underground
the cannanes and steward hey leopard communicating at an unknown rate yo-yo
pololeo crosby rd. our town ep shelflife
otis redding satisfaction otis! the definitive box set rhino