no love for ned 
setlist for 03.31.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
broadcast still feels like tears pendulum ep warp
pram paper hats dark island merge
her space holiday keystroke manic expressive tigerstyle
oedipus underpath dark beloved cloud singing catalog ii compilation dark beloved cloud
the national trust so anna dekaggar thrill jockey
fruit bats a bit of wind mouthfuls subpop
gabe cahill amazing space junk ant hill
dqe twister but me, i fell down hoppel di hoy
spoon car radio a series of sneaks elektra
boyracer give him a great big kiss split tour cd with kanda 555
marmoset mishawaka mishawaka ep secretly canadian
the new constitution no easy way on four audello
the bloodthirsty lovers turning the world upside down s/t french kiss
sloan sinking ships navy blues murderecords
matt pond pa green shirt almost you- the songs of elvis costello tribute glurp
belle and sebastian string bean jean dog on wheel ep jeepster
the doleful lions motel swim motel swim parasol
spokane new days close able bodies jagjaguwar
jai agnish suprised eyes automata blue bunny
pas/cal the cigarette blouse rebellion (demo) metamorphosis compilation marriage
the lucksmiths camera-shy naturaliste candle
the icicles skater boyfriend pure sugar ep drive-in
airport 5 yellow wife number five life starts here rockathon
the impossible shapes lonely or two? bless the headless mr. whiggs
luminous orange fresh berry soup trolley bus magic tour compilation blackbean and placenta
rose melberg mr. spaceman portola double agent
of montreal girl from nyc (named julia) if he is protecting our nation then who will protect big oil, our children? track & field
pale horse and rider there is an ocean a gift from a garden to a flower- a tribute to donovan darla
cerberus shoal bouzouki the why's and hows of herman dune and cerberus shoal north east indie
six organs of admittance assyria dust and chimes pavilion
azure ray seven days burn and shiver warm