no love for ned 
setlist for 08.04.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
wire outdoor miner chairs missing restless
the olivia tremor control define a transparent dream dusk at cubist castle flydaddy
versus underground (gallery redux) 2000 teenbeat records sampler teenbeat
life without buildings the leanover any other city dcbaltimore2012
deerhoof apple bomb apple o' 5 rue christine
julie doiron waiting for baby broken girl jagjaguwar
north elementary tonight out of phase sit-n-spin
mojave 3 between the bars spoon and rafter 4ad
matt pond pa night's end mppa 2003 tour cd father
elliott smith a distorted reality pretty (ugly before) 7" suicide squeeze
lunchbox here everything is ending here- a tribute to pavement homesleep
california oranges come back now oranges and pineapples darla
the pernice brothers one foot in the grave yours, mine and ours ashmont
the hidden cameras golden streams the smell of our own rough trade
nacho vegas tu nuevo humidficador cajas de musica dificiles de parar limbo starr
the black heart procession sympathy crime amore del tropico touch and go
beulah me and jesus don't talk anymore yoko velocette
giardini di miro master of victories you will never hear from us again compilation pehr
art of fighting i don't keep a record wires three beads of sweat
low la la la song trust kranky
centaur life begins in streams martians go home
cluster sowiesoso sowiesoso sky
aspera pound the earth oh fantastica jagjaguwar
sean lennon breeze into the sun grand royal
the trembling when i die seduce the government ep top quality rock and roll
single fram clipper ship burn radio airtest already gone
paper lions city limits the symptom and the sick kindercore
the promise ring why did we ever meet nothing feels good jade tree
track star lifestyles... communication breaks die young stay pretty