no love for ned 
setlist for 08.25.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
belle and sebastian i'm a cuckoo dear catastrophe waitress rough trade
camera obscura number one son underachievers please try harder elefant
electric light orchestra can't get it out of my head elo's greatest hits cbs
vitesse unsolvable you win again, gravity! hidden agenda
the cat's miaow a day in the life a kiss and a cuddle bus stop
dances with wolves somewhere else south east dcbaltimore2012
orange cake mix still falling star another orange world darla
mosquitos forever song s/t bar/none
senor coconut smoke on the water fiesta songs emperor norton
the kingsbury manx whether or not it matters s/t overcoat
the shins kissing the lipless chutes too narrow subpop
matt suggs tehachapi girl amigo row merge
kleenex girl wonder i am a serving wench at a themed restaurant after mathematics march
incredible force of junior blue cheer let the world fall apart up
quasi seven years gone hot shit touch and go
vic chesnutt i'm through silver lake new west
mark lanegan one way street field songs subpop
damien jurado now you're swimming holding his breath ep acuarela
mus quein bien te quirer el naval darla
my morning jacket golden it still moves ato
kind of like spitting dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in jersey old moon in the arms of the new hush
super xx man generosity volume v post-parlo
owen accidentally s/t polyvinyl
evan dando all my life baby i'm bored bar/none
mark eitzel last harbor the ugly american thirsty ear
beth orton wild world how to deal soundtrack capitol
swell convince us whenever you're ready beggars banquet
the yachts hypnotising lies yachting types 7" radar
wilco outta mind (outta sight) being there reprise