no love for ned 
setlist for 03.29.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
elf power never believe walking with the beggar boys orange twin
from bubblegum to sky the gurls and shoo be doo wop nothing sadder than lonely queen eenie meenie
pas/cal what happened to the sands oh honey, we're ridiculous ep le grand magistery
belle and sebastian piazza, new york catcher dear catastrophe waitress rough trade
blanche another lost summer if we can't trust the doctors... cass
carte blanche don't forget love summer's end ep shmat
east river pipe we're going to nowhere mel merge
the russian futurists when the sun drops like an anvil let's get ready to crumble upper class
mum the ghosts you draw on my back summer make good fat cat
the remote viewer the gambler and the captain you're going to love our defeatist attitude ep city centre offices
patrick wolf wolf song lycanthropy faith and industry
pedro the lion bands with managers achilles heel jade tree
dis- you may get all the ladies but i got my shit together the historically troubled third album sonic bubblegum
wilco spiders (kidsmoke) a ghost is born nonesuch
27 no water live on no love for ned  
27 every day live on no love for ned  
27 try live on no love for ned  
27 cavalla live on no love for ned  
buck old blue sweater s/t sympathy for the record industry
mekons now we have the bomb i have been to heaven and back: hen's teeth and other lost fragments of unpopular culture volume one quarterstick
work clothes come on now (demo) s/t hypno-vista
come on die young waves all the other cool kids are doing it graceless
charalambides magnolia live hand held wholly other
run on pretty note on/off ep matador
eleventh dream day honeyslide el moodio atlantic
raising the fawn home the north sea sonic unyon
sun kil moon glenn tipton ghosts of the great highway jetset
iron and wine each coming night our endless numbered days subpop