no love for ned 
setlist for 06.21.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
guided by voices girls of wild strawberries half smiles of the decomposed matador
the zebras look confident s/t lost and lonesome
erie choir coats in the closet bad tsars is a drag ep (self-released)
animal collective who could win a rabbit sung tongs fat cat
lucky jim you stole my heart away our troubles end tonight skint
the frames lay me down the roads outgrown overcoat
cocorosie butterscotch la maison de mon reve touch and go
television (i can't get no) satisfaction live at the old waldorf rhino handmade
stereo total la, ca, usa s/t bobsled
the like young you're no cheat so serious parasol
kissing tigers notfacation of first adds trebuchet ep slowdance
tripping daisy pillar jesus hits like the atom bomb island
the futureheads danger of the water s/t 679 recordings
the pink mountaintops i (fuck) mountains s/t jagjaguwar
the blithe sons patio of the cypresses green mansions jewelled antler
the fonda stevens group front and center twelve improvisations leo
califone improv live on no love for ned  
landing fluency of colors sphere k
the new year the end's not near the end is near touch and go
namelessnumberheadman (at least) three cheers for cause and effect your voice repeating the record machine
tanakh exegesis dieu deuil alien 8
the decemberists iii the tain ep acuarela
grant lee phillips dirty secret virginia creeper zoe
joanna newsom sprout and the bean the milk-eyed mender drag city
the would-be-goods southernmost matinee fifty compilation matinee
matt pond pa lily two emblems altitude