no love for ned 
setlist for 07.05.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
dqe i'm your girl i'm your girl dark beloved cloud
bearsuit truly sherri drinkink 7" sickroom
s prcss the sun provides vitamin d taste like daughter ep my pal god
rainer maria atlantic anyone in love with you (already knows) polyvinyl
trembling blue stars a beginning of a new kind southern skies appear brighter ep elefant
lullatone leaves falling little songs about raindrops audio dregs
greg davis at my window curling pond woods carpark
miho hatori crazy for you sweetheart: love songs compilation hear music
containe shooting me down i want it all ep enchante
dios bust out the candy los arboles ep dim mak
this radiant boy i miss ol' miss shakedown at the russian disco ep extracurricular
a.c. newman miracle drug the slow wonder matador
les sans culottes non merci uncle sam faux realism aeronaut
they might be giants au contraire the spine zoe
jon brion strings that tie to you eternal sunshine of the spotless mind soundtrack hollywood
matt valentine and erika elder offcut stamp blues fantastic string music child of microtones
six organs of admittance elk river for octavio paz holy mountain
from quagmire suite of atoms and media the tropic of barren vhf
molasses songs from the basement trouble at jinx hotel alien8
the iditarod let no man steal your thyme the ghost, the elf, the cat and the angel bluesanct
vetiver angels' share s/t dicristina
songs: ohia the big game is every night magnolia electric co. (japanese version) p-vine
come wrong side wrong side ep matador
eleventh dream day you know what it is lived to tell collectors' choice
angel corpus christi as tears go by accordian pop, volume one gulcher
the pines seven clubs dieppe won't you 7" long lost cousin
schooner tried so hard s/t (self-released)
espers meadow s/t locust music
will oldham barcelona we all, us three, will ride 7" isota