no love for ned 
setlist for 09.06.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
duo505 tsip tsap late morr music
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
i am robot and proud her version grace days catmobile
howard hello the one trr50 - thank you compilation temporary residence
piano magic lalo saint marie ep green ufos
charlie feathers wedding gown of white get with it revenant
panda bear (untitled) young prayer paw tracks
charles atlas valdivia felt cover static caravan
castanets you are the blood cathedral asthmastic kitty
giant sand cracklin' water is all over... the map thrill jockey
the howling hex polesitting immigrant boys the return of the third tower 12" drag city
treetops werewolf lionheart ep slanted
the galactic heroes sum of your parts every sidewalk magic marker
felt i will die with my head in flames absolute classic masterpieces volume two creation
the red channels now playing s/t silver girl
the ropers september's rain s/t ep slumberland
the twilight singers what makes you think you're the one she loves you one little indian
the wrens faster gun the meadowlands absolutely kosher
eagles of death metal i only want you peace love death metal antacid
menomena trigga hiccups i am the fun blame monster film guerrero
the relict breaks another tomorrow is again vegas morn
dykehouse signal crossing midrange ghostly international
timonium across the footlights until he finds us pehr
fennesz chateau rouge venice touch
chib soo moco fat cat
namelessnumberheadman time has pulled away your voice repeating the record machine
shrimp boat rocks are oil something grand aum fidelity
jim guthrie lovers do now, more than ever three gut
solvents psychic birds don't crash asaurus records ep club volume three compilation asaurus
seasick crocodile treetop love hey! where'd the summer go? compilation humblebee
norfolk and western ancient city preserve - volume one compilation fractured discs