no love for ned 
setlist for 10.04.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
jason collett choke cherry motor motel love songs arts and crafts
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
mystic chords of memory sure, bert s/t rough trade
the small knives paper wings rain on tin candle
the sunshine fix enjoy the teeth green imagination spinart
the fiery furnaces up in the north gallowsbird's park rough trade
lassigue bendthaus jealoius guy (poem syncope) pop artificielle kk
max richter iconography the blue notebooks fat cat
es sadepaivat kaikkeuden kauneus ja kasittamatomyys fonal
michael johnson modern comforts nonsense goes mudslide must delicious
sally timms corporal chalkie in the world of him touch and go
robyn hitchcock if you know time spooked yep rock
the arcade fire crown of love funeral merge
the good life always a bridesmaid lovers need lawyers saddle creek
matt pond pa claire emblems altitude
luna broken chair rendezvous jetset
old canes then go on early morning hymns second nature
christina carter going down living contact kranky
tim hecker neither more nor less mirages alien8
sudden ensemble suitcase am 11 angelika koehlermann
thurston moore see-through playmate psychic hearts dgc
robert pollard paradise style fiction man rockathon
elvis costello with lucinda williams there's a story in your voice the delivery man lost highway
the mod-est lads she could be in the beatles trouser load of love ep clecky
the coke dares is that the genre talking or is it you? here we go with the coke dares reibenbach
theoretical girls europe man s/t acute
the pink mountaintops can you do that dance? s/t jagjaguwar
art bears the slave art box recommended
the continental op heavy minor slitch music ep drag city
state river widening knifegrinder's song cottenhead vertical form
takagi masakatsu private drawing coieda w and k tokyo labs
styrofoam the long wait i'm what's there to show that something's missing morr music