no love for ned 
setlist for 10.11.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
wire french film blurred wdr rockpalast - 14 february 1979 pink flag
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
david kilgour the brain that wouldn't die roger sings the hits compilation flying nun
the strugglers cut we could live in hope - a tribute to low fractured discs
maquiladora ritual of hearts (seven inch version) little darla has a treat for you volume twenty two compilation darla
picastro fifth wall like clockwerck compilation pehr
the dead texan aegina airlines s/t kranky
coastal leaves halfway to you words on music
joanna newsom en gallop the milk-eyed mender drag city
six organs of admittance the six stations the manifestation strange attractor's audio house
tracy shedd if you reall cared about me you would have kept in touch for all those years live on no love for ned  
tracy shedd red pillow live on no love for ned  
tracy shedd blue live on no love for ned  
tracy shedd cliche live on no love for ned  
jennifer gentle circles of sorrow valende subpop
mosquitos twenty seven degrees sunshine barato bar/none
the boats a volume of typefaces songs by the sea moteer
the red krayola storm sequence japan in paris in l.a. drag city
wilco the high heat the wilco book picture box
31 knots untitled the curse of the longest day ep stiff slack
hotel motel waitresses of the avant garde you must be hard of reading ep (self-released)
the nein handout s/t ep sonic unyon
the bevis frond through the hedge hit squad rubric