no love for ned 
setlist for 05.09.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
international airport jump on the rack reunion of island goose geographic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
alan singley dandilion audio bicyclette lucky madison
devendra banhart pardon my heart (live at adobe books) at the hop single xl recordings
desmond dekker you can get it if you really want rockin' steady - the best of desmond dekker rhino
tunji oyelana and the benders ifa love's a real thing - the funky, fuzzy sounds of west africa compilation luaka bop
lali puna faking the books (dntel remix) i thought i was over that - rared, remixed and b-sides morr music
september plateau pure occasional light elsie and jack
robert lippok and barbara morgenstern kaitusburi tesri monika enterprise
looper the ballad of ray suzuki up a tree subpop
tristeza a little distance spine and sensory better looking
japanther one - ten wolfenswan plan-it-x
edie sedgwick sigourney weaver her love is real... but she is not desoto
anna oxygen aviva all your faded things cold crush
the reenigne goonies2 bombs over beatniks bunch of beatniks
marbles circuit expo spinart
palomar bridge of sighs 3.5 ep emusic
tullycraft secretly minnesotan disenchanted hearts unite magic marker
the pipettes school uniform school uniform 7" unpopular
the crabs tumbling away sand and sea k
grandaddy nature anthem below the radio compilation ultra
colin clary live at leed you already have way too many cd-rs compilation asaurus
moviola 1970 the year you were born anyway
tennis and the mennonites magnets wicked man ep (self-released)
pollyanna the narrow door whatever they say i'm a princess eglatine
eric gaffney the dunes down in a mirror - a second tribute to jandek summersteps
landing it is shining passages through k
brian michael roff and the deer the best is yet to come pre-inventory ep keep
daniel littleton new york city blues (elegy number one) down by the riverside last affair
heikki i need a man two magic marker
robert scott riding the boundary songs of otago's past powertool
the pine hill haints homeward track the pine hill haints meet clampitt, gaddis and buck ep keep
johnny burnette and the rock 'n' roll trio lonesome train (on a lonesome track) (alternate) the complete coral rock 'n' roll trio recordings hip-o select