no love for ned 
setlist for 07.25.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
fruit bats legs of bees spelled in bones subpop
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
tenement halls plenty is never enough knitting needles and bicycle bells merge
john cale hello there vintage violence columbia
the hard lessons karate man one scene to another - plumline record's tribute to canadian indie rock plumline
glass candy love love love love love love troubleman unlimited
kanda face it all the good meetings are taken bop tart
bruce haack (track seven) haackula (unreleased)
gang gang dance nomad for love (cannibal) god's money the social registry
skeletons and the girl-faced boys there are seagulls who live in parking lots git ghostly international
klimperei bouquet lent baboler acidsoxx
wax ghost the miller at the mile post the halo of mount st. helens digitalis industries
et sans la chosen uevenue du l'amonc element spectral du mal par noussss touss les treus vos vos cranes! alien8
alina simone prettier in the dark prettier in the dark ep fractured discs
nagisa ni te beyond the grass the same as a flower jagjaguwar
sour grapes business casual no more drama tugboat press
blanket music deja vu nice hush
cuppa joe self confidence nurture dromedary
new grenada just inside a week parting shots asaurus
jon brion controversy live at tonic, nyc on april 4th, 2005 (unreleased)
kiss me deadly dance four cosmic lovers ep alien8
fela kuti ako essential afrobeat compilation family
gentle giant on reflection free hand drt entertainment
kammerflimmer kollektief mantra cicadidae temporary residence
miles davis directions (first set, 12/16/70) live at the cellar door box set legacy
yochanan muck muck sun ra - the singles evidence
gang 90 e as absurdettes jack kerouac the sexual life of the savages - underground post-punk from sao paulo, brasil compilation soul jazz
boyracer fast boyfriends insults and insights ep kittridge
guided by voices pantherz suitcase rockathon