no love for ned 
setlist for 08.22.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
holiday candy cafe reggio march
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the constantines why i didn't like august 93 the believer 2005 music issue compilation mcsweeney's
the spectacular fantastic runaway i love you ep (self-released)
math and physics club you're so good to me movie ending romance ep matinee
nancy sinatra it ain't me babe dylan covered tribute mojo
slumber party love will tear us apart covers ep (unreleased)
michael andrews library chat me and you and everyone we know soundtrack everloving
tren brothers crow number three the swimmer ep western vinyl
peter brotzmann and keijo haino (track eight) evolving blush or driving original sin psf
l benares blue holy letters vhf
no birds flowers flowers teargas recording tree
darren hayman loft song caravan songs 7" static caravan
cocorosie noah's ark noah's ark touch and go
broken social scene major label debut s/t arts and crafts
gilberto gil miserere nobis tropicalia ou panis et circensis compilation mercury
alina simone riot act live on no love for ned  
alina simone swing live on no love for ned  
alina simone the great white north live on no love for ned  
alina simone country of two live on no love for ned  
alina simone velvet painting live on no love for ned  
akron/family running, returning s/t young god
wendy and bonnie by the sea folk is not a four letter word compilation delay 68
unrest angel i'll walk you home (live) imperfect teeth - a live version (unreleased)
the original beekeepers only i can see the real you making honey (self-released)
yacht now it is all over like the birds (version) mega marriage
mahjongg felicity raydoncong cold crush
the briefs this age singles only revel yell
the adolescents o.c. life s/t frontier
dog faced hermans the running man mental blocks for all ages konkurrel
the evens around the corner s/t dischord
bunnygrunt criminal boy action pants! no life
charles douglas take it off statecraft enabler