no love for ned 
setlist for 11.14.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
bearsuit minerals made me team ping pong fantastic plastic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the clientele dear jennifer it's art, dad (self-released)
david karsten daniels note to self angles buhanan
jens lekman jag tyckte hon sa lonnlov usa 2005 tour ep (self-released)
graves headphone brigade yes yes okay okay hush
james william hindle jamie town feeling badman
dirty three distant shore live on abc-tv dvd bella union
windy and carl i have been waiting to hear your voice the dreamhouse kranky
alarm will sound four acoustica - the music of aphex twin cantaloupe
mike tamburo kremlin krab beating of the rewound son the music fellowship
gregor samsa young and old / divine longing split lp w/ red sparrowes robotic empire
cat power living proof the greatest matador
oklahomo trio pistachios (upcoming album) (unreleased)
nat baldwin wake up it's time to rise live on no love for ned  
nat baldwin de-attached live on no love for ned  
nat baldwin dome branches live on no love for ned  
nat baldwin dirty dishes (deer tick cover) live on no love for ned  
kind of like spitting aubergine in the red hush
maritime we don't think we know we, the vehicles desoto
the lovekevins stop being perfect blame the english 7" (self-released)
a bolha razao de existir love peace and poetry volume six - brazilian psychedelic music compilation normal
the slits animal space / spacier return of the giant slits sony international
odawas if it smells like a raincloud the aether eater jagjaguwar
la dusseldorf la dusseldorf s/t lp radar
the phenomenological boys ice cream melody, melody, melody and more melody tomlab
enoch light pass and i'll call you permissive polyphonics lp total sound
nine horses a history of holes snow borne sorrow samadhi sound
wilderness arkless s/t jagjaguwar