no love for ned 
setlist for 12.12.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
the mendoza line morbid craving full of light and full of fire misra
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
david fridlund knives amaterasu hidden agenda
the pathways party's over boat of confidence recommended if you like
the housemartins happy hour london zero hull four elektra
artisokka int a hiding place in the arbor shelflife
girlboy girl trying forget the ladder, climb the wall kittridge
klimperei le bleu du ciel baboler acidsoxx
under byen legesag det er mig der holden traerne sammen have a cigar
delaney la nuit on a toujours tort s/t pehr
larsen j play important
mogwai emergency trap mr. beast matador
the weird weeds ribs and wrinkles hold me edition manifold
below the sea sleigh bells blame it on the past where are my records
electric president grand machine number fourteen s/t morr
the american analog set cool kids keep set free (demos) (unreleased)
kingsbury manx harness and wheel the fast rise and fall of the south yep rock
buried beds insomnia live on no love for ned  
buried beds camellia live on no love for ned  
buried beds just hold me live on no love for ned  
buried beds house of sand live on no love for ned  
buried beds river live on no love for ned  
viking moses little emma's smile crosses marriage
the flame when we were kids pump up the jam bedroom
sour grapes send my valentine to the burn ward no more drama tugboat press
alexander mcgregor white caribou part one: aguirre returns ep eskimo laboratories
brother jt warm's the new cool indoor sunshine heavy g
bonnie prince billy and pink nasty may it always be summer in the southeast palace
magazine the light pours out of me real life blue plate
ten words for snow garbage truck d-na contraphonic
the capitol years solid gold let them drink burn and shiver
63 crayons rocketship good people happy happy birthday to me
orange mothers kids (don't know) appetizers and leftovers compilation i eat
duplex figure eight ablum by duplex! mint