no love for ned 
setlist for 01.02.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
rocketship i love you like the way that i used to do a certain smile, a certain sadness slumberland
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
sally crewe and the sudden moves can't bring me down shortly after take-off 12xu
welterweight meteor kindercomp tribute to kindercore records bunch of beatniks
sparrow i wouldn't mind the early years absolutely kosher
the snitches wednesdays on my mind star witness oh! tonito
ai phoenix institution the driver is dead autonomy
kelley stoltz you're out of this world the sun comes through ep subpop
the feelies everybody's got something to hide (except me and my monkey) crazy rhythms a&m
th' faith healers pop song l' american
of arrowe hill psychic vampire supply teacher the springheel penny dreadful and other tales of morbid curiosity must destroy music
mecca normal pamela makes waves sitting on snaps matador
red crayola war sucks the parable of arable land sunspots
ms. john soda a nod on hold notes and the like morr
tender forever take it off the soft and the hardcore k
anne laplantine hamburg the second coco waffle flake compilation ski-pp
port-royal flares part three flares resonant
lambchop and hands off cuba prepared colab ep merge
leyna noel sioux falls live on no love for ned  
leyna noel pinafore live on no love for ned  
leyna noel antidote live on no love for ned  
leyna noel cling peaches live on no love for ned  
edith frost lucky charm it's a game drag city
iron and wine john's glass eye yeti three compilation yeti
califone oxtail (live) everybody's mother volume one (self-released)
pete krebs powder keg bittersweet valentine ep cavity search
richard swift losing sleep waking without effort secretly canadian
grumpy bear the fourteenth way if we were trees compilation tract
herman dune suburbs with you bbc session, june 9th, 2005 (unreleased)
inside riot night star inside riot 1999-2002 bedroom
robert wyatt the age of self his greatest misses hannibal
east river pipe crystal queen what are you on? merge
toog le geant vert 6633 le grand magistery
blanket music keep the prices down! cultural norms hush
franklin bruno just because it's dying kiss without makeup absolutely kosher