no love for ned 
setlist for 01.09.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
dragon city i saw the light songs from the sixth borough compilation plain parade
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the girls from the clouds bye bye wintertime lalala ep candle
minus story knocking on your head no rest for ghosts jagjaguwar
audubon park ghettos of the sun compulation volume two - songs from north carolina compilation pox world empire
eric metronome there's a place (website mp3) (unreleased)
lisa marr experiment you let me down four a.m. sympathy for the record industry
the lucky dragons fake is forever sh...! 8" 555
daedelus starring laura darling now and sleep exquisite corpse mush
the dylan group gazer (the gazer's open minded remix by mice parade) re-interpreted bubblecore
his name is alive your bones detrola reincarnate
dave longstreth follow me not if you still care the graceful-fallen mango this heart plays records
liz janes and create(!) careless love s/t ep asthmatic kitty
boo hiss comfort split ep w/ theath tract
micah blue smaldone a winter's truce hither and thither north east indie
devendra banhart the daughter of a man was mammalian and oh so well brested (demo) yeti three compilation yeti
chris brokaw reeperbahn live on no love for ned  
chris brokaw nothin' live on no love for ned  
chris brokaw x's for eyes live on no love for ned  
chris brokaw through the roof live on no love for ned  
chris brokaw whose blood is singing live on no love for ned  
minmae block the comets tractor tunes volume one fresh cow pie
black taj cinema style s/t amish
mazarin i'm with you and constellations we're already there i and ear
those bastard souls dirty looks twentieth century chemical darla
tse tse fly die back s/t pehr
the bad spellers strawberry death (adventures in a pink car) fall in love ep (split w/ the london apartments) post
king kong funky future train hey drag city compilation drag city
back in judy's shack winter days s/t ep bedroom
seely sandy winter birds koch
holopaw losing light quit and/or fight subpop
the bats bells at the national grid magic marker