no love for ned 
setlist for 02.13.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
the raconteurs steady as she goes steady as she goes 7" xl recordings
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the caribbean i thee wed plastic explosives hometapes
danielson did i step on your trumpet? ships secretly canadian
plastic mastery remember that night i thought i was going to die? in the fall of unearthly angels magic marker
look blue go purple catcus cat in love with these times compilation flying nun
saturday looks good to me bright green gloves s/t ypsilanti
the pipettes dirty mind dirty mind single memphis industries
the rosehips room in your heart s/t secret
nous non plus file atomique s/t aeronaut
belle and sebastian dress up in you the life pursuit - live at the bbc dvd matador
salim nourallah montreal beautiful noise western vinyl
nagisa ni te deserting you on the love beach jagjaguwar
angels of epistemology response s/t 7" merge
akron/family you float away tour cd (self-released)
hobart smith black annie in sacred trust - the 1963 fleming brown tapes smithsonian folkways
tetuzi akiyama city of gold route thirteen to the gates of hell - live in toyko headz
mono are you there? you are there temporary residence
taj mahal travellers i (excerpt) august 1974 p-vine
geoff farina, luther gray and daniel littleton song for che new salt xeng
charalambides those who walk market square siltbreeze
the spinanes bad karma noel, jonah and me ep subpop
uncle wiggly express across the room and into your lap shimmydisc
th' faith healers moona inna joon peel sessions ba da bing!
the wipers taking too long youth of america restless
slowdive days souvlaki creation
mazzy star be my angel she hangs brightly capitol
marissa nadler virginia ballads of living and dying eclipse
hope for agoldensummer love like a chainsaw i bought a heart made of art in the deep, deep south daemon
edith frost stars fading it's a game drag city
dawn smithson letter to the empire safer here kranky
tara jane o'neil a snapshot you sound, reflect quarterstick