no love for ned 
setlist for 05.29.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
yo la tengo beanbag chair i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass matador
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
vit pals miss that kiss s/t canarie
dutch elms cleopatra music for happiness jigsaw
hi red center red/green architectural failures pangaea
cardinal tough guy tactics s/t flydaddy
chad vangaalen clinically dead infiniheart subpop
casiotone for the painfully alone don't they have payphones wherever you were last night etiquette tomlab
philip jeck casio loopholes touch
jans appelquist godnact bremort bremort komplott
sonore featuring ken vandermark, peter brotzmann and mats gustafsson florence cadenza (live in italy) ladies and gentlemen number two compilation ladies and gentlemen
bill wells and maher shalal hash baz the dust of months osaka bridge karoake kalk
tujiko noriko white film shojo toshi mego
gregor samsa loud and clear 55:12 the kora records
beck parasite nick drake covers promo ep geffen
kristofer astrom just like me if we were oceans compilation tract
supperbell roundup lord knows, i need my own place to stay at station four side one dummy
johnny cash the lily of the valley personal file legacy
matt valentine and erika elder with the bummer road sunshine girl mother of thousands time lag
zucchini drive featuring markus acher sombre city being kurtwood 2nd rec
alias and tarsier picking the same lock brookland/oaklyn anticon
tanakh over your consistency ardent fevers alien8
jorge ben o homem da gravata florida a tabua de esmeralda philips
portastatic older summers score from the film 'who loves the sun' merge
avocadoclub the truh is for the hardnailed everybody's wrong firestation
bear quartet i speak much english everybody's wrong west side
east village freeze out drop out (deluxe edition) excellent
scott walker cossacks are the drift 4ad
boo hiss i sold out ball of wax volume three compilation ball of wax
scrawl prize velvet hammer simple machines
kahoots the new colds fourteen ghosts i and ear
pet politics the spring the spring ep catbird
jad fair and teenage fanclub smile words of wisdom alternative tentacles
pure horsehair (these days must be) gravy aubade (self-released)
rhett miller singular girl the belieer verve forecast