no love for ned 
setlist for 06.12.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
be your own pet wildcat! s/t ecstatic peace
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
hefner the love has gone catfight darren hayman ltd.
the tah-dahs the cute band le fun undeniable
the lovely feathers in the valley hind hind legs equator
new radiant storm king quicksand under carpet the steady hand darla
only son sleepyface the drop to the top cassette
rogue wave everyday stubbs the zombie soundtrack shout factory
jim reid song for a secret split 7" w/ sister vanilla transistor
the donkeys no need for oxygen s/t antenna farm
elika we stay the same over runways ep blue looked glorious
modern institute reginetta della techno excellent swimmer expanding
grizzly bear don't ask (final fantasy remix) horn of plenty kanine
carla bozulich steal away evangelista constellation
great lake swimmers where in the world are you the sound the hare heard compilation kill rock stars
the white birch silent love come up for air rune grammofon
vollmar abby live on no love for ned  
vollmar jealous of sue live on no love for ned  
vollmar worm in the face of love live on no love for ned  
vollmar when love love love live on no love for ned  
vollmar no domesticated animals live on no love for ned  
vollmar a simple tune live on no love for ned  
paper airplanes appalachia boyhood mayhap
mi and l'au older s/t young god
the album leaf the light into the blue again subpop
picture center funcity our true intent is all for your delight north american
psapp new rubbers the only thing i ever wanted domino
anna oxygen walk this is an exercise kill rock stars
les georges leningrad supa doopa sur les traces de black eskimo alien8
family fodder symbols monkey banana kitchen fresh
lud tribute to german bands of the late sixties and early seventies hemidemisemiquaver - fifteen years of lud instrumentals (self-released)
delta 5 final scene singles and sessions 1979-81 kill rock stars
mika bomb bettie page hellcats damaged goods