no love for ned 
setlist for 06.26.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
bombshell i can't believe i told you s/t ep (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the suburbs tape your wife to the ceiling credit in heaven twin/tone
chris knox cleanliness is next to goodliness chris knox and the nothings a major
harpswell sound bang let's go anyway peapod
blood music words (don't fail me now) sing a song fighter static caravan
linda smith all the umbrellas in london friendly society compilation harriet
georgia london nothing new my mean magpie
omr captive in the height of summer superheroes crash uncivilized world
simon bookish handsome girls unfair/funfair use your teeth
aki tsuyuko a happy day ongakushitsu moikai
taylor deupree and christopher willits ended mujo plop
glissandro 70 something s/t constellation
lady and bird stephanie says s/t emi
the twin atlas plains of saviors happy happy birthday to me volume three compilation happy happy birthday to me
the lassie foundation i'm stealin' to be your one in a million through and through northern
flowchart new radiolab-rip-off multi-personality tabletop vacation carrot top
kahimi karie nana montage victor
nathan michele and amber pampini a to b a to b 7" tomlab
hi red center the littlest giant live on no love for ned  
hi red center magic teeth live on no love for ned  
hi red center safe and sound live on no love for ned  
hi red center red/green live on no love for ned  
half-handed cloud i got a letter what's the remedy? 7" asthmatic kitty
the robot ate me where love goes carousel waltz five rue christine
twinemen golden hour s/t hi-n-low
zaar ce n'est pas triste s/t cuneiform
old time relijun los angeles 2012 k
sarah white and the pearls downhill you're it ep (self-released)
the foxx sad desperation s/t vinyl countdown
gram parsons return of the grievous angel (alternate version) the complete reprise sessions rhino
bonnie prince billy cursed sleep then the letting go palace
brightblack new mexico ala.cali.tucky galaxia
lylas teenage phantasm lessons for lovers fictitious
jacob borshard he died alone songs for a small stereo (self-released)