no love for ned 
setlist for 8.06.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
jens lekman friday night at the drive-in bingo night falls over kotedala secretly canadian
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
patrick cleandenim rocket to the moon baby comes home ba da bing!
boat make way for the genius to appear let's drag our feet magic marker
the electric pop group popgirly s/t (self-released)
lambchop hey, where's your girl thriller merge
arthur russell lucky cloud another thought philips
mosaic antenna dream end start s/t foxglove
eric copeland oreo hermaphrodite paw tracks
grouper tried tried 7" type
alejandra and aeron campanas vi billowy mass kning disk
tully cat-clarinet mit orgel sea of joy soundtrack em
servant sun cloth barbarians cold harbor house of alchemy
voice of the seven woods return from byzantium s/t twisted nerve
iron and wine boy with a coin the shepherd's dog subpop
the mendoza line thirty year low thirty year low glurp
sarah asher tragic magic live on no love for ned  
sarah asher walkin' into sunlight live on no love for ned  
sarah asher the ricker live on no love for ned  
sarah asher chee chee live on no love for ned  
sarah asher half moon live on no love for ned  
belly boat follow dear robert hanoy not not fun
eskimo and sons no shit how does it feel to be crushed by one man with the strength of a million ep boy gorilla
the ants satisfaction ideabreaker sickroom
the golden boys if i can't hold you in my arms whiskey flower emperor jones
garageland what will you do? flying nun twenty-fifth anniversary box set flying nun
figurines hey girl when the deer wore blue the control group
the be be see disney eyes disney eyes ep at large
salim nourallah the wicked are winning snowing in my heart tapete
brother jt glowinya third ear candy birdman
louis phillipe no sun, no sky at all an unknown spring wonder
val stoecklein possibility i was wrong grey life fallout
lee hazlewood we all make the flowers grow trouble is a lonesome town smells like