no love for ned 
setlist for 10.1.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
i was a king make it clear losing something good for something better ep happy soul
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
goodnight loving it takes its toll cemetery trails dusty medical
copy haho desert belle bookshelf 7" i fly spitfires
manatella brandy fashionable neighborhood carlydog
damon and naomi on the aventine within these walls 20/20/20
the owl service marianne cine ep static caravan
the court and spark smoke signals hearts absolutely kosher
six organs of admittance goodnight shelter from the ash drag city
jose gonzalez time to send someone away in our nature mute
manta (i became a) morbid creature of sorrow classic battles marriage
white williams going down smoke tigerbeat6
the hylozoists parisian eyes la nouvelle gauche boompa
spoon mountain to sound soft effects ep matador
shudder to think shake your halo down get your goat dischord
robert pollard current depseration (angels speak of nothing) coast to coast carpet of love merge
mitch and murray three o'clock moments the bleak end starts here regular beat
parlour steps the city you'd move to ambiguoso figment
the westerner silverware i'll win, i'll win free prize
drakkar sauna there's not enough tits on a wolf live on no love for ned  
drakkar sauna a bird in the hand is worth two bush administrations live on no love for ned  
drakkar sauna ballad of the unborn (cursory shaker) live on no love for ned  
drakkar sauna are you afraid to die? live on no love for ned  
susan howe and david grubbs part three souls of the labadie tract blue chopsticks
the acorn glory glory hope mountain paper bag
my brightest diamond the lace hankerchief disappear ep itunes
john morton teetines solo traveler innova
nathaniel carroll haircut, schmaircut haircuts (split ep w/ someone still loves you boris yeltsin) things that are true
the owls the lucky ones pop the question compilation book club
torngat bordeaux boredom you could be alien8
jack penate second, minute or hour matinee xl
the figgs favorite shirt ready, steady, stoned sodapop
elvis costello and the attractions uncomplicated blood and chocolate hip-o
june panic no matter what you do silver sound sessions ep super asbestos