no love for ned 
setlist for 10.29.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
bearsuit more soul than wigan casino oh:io fantastic plastic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the diskettes ss/dd weeknights at island view beach blocks
the toothaches sophia 2007 new england popfest compilation skipping stones
little name nobody loves you how to swim and live sleepy
my little airport when i listen to the field mice zoo is sad, people are cruel elefant
biirdie him catherine avenue love minus zero
shugo tokumaru such a color night piece p-vine
axolotl there are sometimes miracles way blank psych-o-path
richard youngs and alex neilson noatak beacon partick rain dance vhf
valerio cosi emmanuelle beart frannce compilation ruralfone
sonny sharrock blind willy black woman water
the banjo consorsium grizzly a turning one 9.12
opsvik and jennings port authority commuter anthems rune grammofon
kashiwa daisuke write once, run melos (excerpt) program music i noble
the hot puppies where the werewolves meet blue hands fierce panda
the brunettes holding hands, feeding ducks live on no love for ned  
the brunettes record store live on no love for ned  
the brunettes runnin' away live on no love for ned  
the brunettes credit card mail order live on no love for ned  
nacho vegas and christina rosenvinge que nos parta un rayo verano fatal limbo starr
the robot ate me come together carousel waltz five rue christine
benji cossa streets to streams between the blue and the green serious business
patience please coal enough for steam fleeting frequencies happy happy birthday to me
the icicles la ti da arrivals and departures microindie
jim stark talk to me ten songs and hey hey sweet
thanksgiving nyyn dryyl ajo ep marriage
bonfire madigan homefullness eighty eight ep little echoes
bringerer ice castles trink! sink! tanz! hypno-vista
pylon working is no problem gyrate plus dfa
desperate bicycles advice on arrest new cross, new cross 7" refill
the ghosts go out on the streets blue bird's blood catbird