no love for ned 
setlist for 12.3.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
air miami adidas my ass sixteen songs teenbeat
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the escargo-go's springtime never ends si vous aimez l'amour vous aimerez... red square
the scene is now copper sandline burn all your records lost
84 nash be perfect bright orange hearts 7" insect siren
zoey van goey foxtrot vandals foxtrot vandals 7" say dirty
the fairways don't call me dear this is farewell matinee
evripides and his tragedies long lasting lovers s/t (self-released)
roscoe mitchell page one turn rogueart
erik friedlander night white black ice and propane skipstone
robert horton birthday raga for edward guerriero the great hum dreamtime tape sounds
victor bermon view of the islands arriving at night hefty
cubs cool filter stonewater ep rusted rail
alessandro bosetti her name her name crouton
the antlers in the snow in the attic of the universe (self-released)
scout niblett dinosaur egg this fool can die now too pure
sonic youth i'm not there i'm not there soundtrack columbia
sic alps the drake strawberry guillotine 7" woodsist
deer tick the ghost live on no love for ned  
deer tick little white lies live on no love for ned  
deer tick houston, tx live on no love for ned  
deer tick easy live on no love for ned  
deer tick i'll never get out of this world alive live on no love for ned  
deer tick art isn't real (city of sin) live on no love for ned  
black mountain stay free in the future jagjaguwar
lakes of russia lovozero string theory - an exploration of international guitar sounds compilation dreamland
the gongs gotta take care (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
liftmen sad tail a kind of awe and reverence and wonder compilation twisted nerve
the fugitives kidding around the best of justice records compilation norton
the farmers black sea black sea 7" pravda
robert scott look out for us tascam hits powertool
the lezbians a sort of homecoming everything that happens in september ep popyura
cars and trains further from home rusty string circle into square
antelope the demon reflector dischord
elvish presley land of the tree black elf speaks bulb
the halo benders freedom ride god don't make no junk k