no love for ned 
setlist for 2.04.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
el perro del mar somebody's baby from the valley to the stars the control group
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
friska viljor oh oh bravo! crying bob
guinea worms box of records box of records 7" columbus discount
bunnygrunt we got your money karen hater's club happy happy birthday to me
robert pollard go down first superman was a rocker happy jack rock
plastic people of the universe francovka egon bondy's happy hearts club banned globus
novos bahianos globo do morto obsession compilation bully
the whitsundays it must be me s/t friendly fire
kelley stoltz ytour reverie circular sounds subpop
buildings breeding stacking up reasons s/t mushpot
the married monk elephant people elephant people ici d'ailleurs
city center beach comber january 2008 cd-r invisible friends
valet fire naked acid kranky
dana westover whisper memorial to fear wolf
fursaxa seven stones maidenstone ep mt. st. mtn.
baby dee a compass of the light safe inside the day drag city
l'ocelle mare (untitled five) s/t sick room
tobias hellkvist moment at ven transports (self-released)
enough rope these are not random events one mistake after another psychotic cushion
desmond leslie asteroid belt music of the future trunk
john butcher soft logic the geometry of sentiment emanem
anthony braxton, gyorgy szabados and vladimir tarasov improvisation two triotone leo
duke ellington sonnet for caeser such sweet thunder legacy
evangelista the blue room hello, voyager constellation
bachi da pietra casa di legno non io wallace
human bell splendor and concealment s/t thrill jockey
should faded a folding sieve words on music
electrelane at sea no shouts, no calls too pure
ni-hao! ta-tatata-ta blue ummo
lykke li everybody but me little bit ep (self-released)
the salteens hallowed ways (website mp3) (unreleased)
bmx bandits e102 53rd and 3rd - fun while it lasted compilation avalanche
math and physics club sixteen and pretty weekends away ep matinee