no love for ned 
setlist for 4.07.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
james whiteboy hey ma mercury (uk)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
acid house kings featuring dom lennon tonight is forever everyone sings along with acid house kings ep labrador
thao nguyen with the get down stay down fear and convenience we brave bee stings and all kill rock stars
tracy and the plastics save me claude culture for pigeon troubleman unlimited
styrofoam bright red helmet a thousand words phantom sound and vision
islaja sateen tullessa blaze mountain record ecstatic peace
ariel pink's haunted graffiti politely declined scared famous hall of records
ralph and the ponytails splendid stories messthetics #104 - d.i.y. and (very) indie post-punk from south wales and the z-block scene 1977-1981 compilation hyped to death
june panic platonic friend glory hole secretly canadian
ruth mescalito mescalito 7" poutre apparente
jay reatard see/saw see/saw 7" matador
cryptacize no coins dig that treasure asthmatic kitty
the scene is now if justice hides the oily years 1983-1993 bar/none
tara key one spark bourbon county homestead
sun kil moon harper road april caldo verde
velveteen night swimming home waters kuddy koala
the shivers there is no reason beaks to the moon (self-released)
viking moses in servitude live on no love for ned  
viking moses sandstorms live on no love for ned  
viking moses in nature (flaspar cover) live on no love for ned  
viking moses clown school live on no love for ned  
viking moses passed through the bones live on no love for ned  
barn owl reappear s/t foxglove
david thomas broughton anchovies (excerpt) anchovies 10" golden lab
the red krayola water pour coconut hotel drag city
directing hand two brothers what put the blood dancing wayang
st 37 heather catherine tallchief spaceage black widow
forest city lovers and the trees hauting moon sinking out of this spark
tyler ramsey these days a long dream about swimming across the sea echo mountain
melon galia soumission de fait les embarras du quotidien les disques mange-tout
xiu xiu larsen king of koalas spicchiology important
the black angels vikings directions to see a ghost light in the attic
eric's trip new love forever again subpop