no love for ned 
setlist for 6.08.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
love boat love boat song love boat song 7" shake your ass
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the george-edwards group i see your smile 38:38 lp galactic zoo disk
the clean in the dreamlife you need a rubber soul mister pop merge
skipper 'til she comes around cold pizza 'n pop 7" chocolate covered
cohen almonds mister watermelon man amazing grass old life
circle, get square! foggy glasses s/t cassette dinosaur club
nun party architect of my heart s/t ep summer camp
the lovely feathers family that doesn't know fantasy of the lot sparks music
the hylozoist the island of seven cities l'ile de sept villes boompa
hatchback everything is new colors of the sun lo
public image limited bad night commercial zone lp action
yo la tengo periodically double or triple popular songs matador
sunset rubdown paper lace dragonslayer jagjaguwar
sir richard bishop kaddak el mayass the freak of araby drag city
acetate zero great depression hesitation blues arbouse
lesser gonzalez alvarez pinecone eyes why is bear billowing? carpark
the tree people no more school s/t tiliqua
hell-kite veins live on no love for ned  
hell-kite i don't care live on no love for ned  
hell-kite hunter live on no love for ned  
hell-kite no say live on no love for ned  
ganglians modern african queen monster head room lp/7" weird forest
julie doiron oh, heavy snow split 7" w/ calm down it's monday k
scribbler a few days of storm my old lady 7" stumparumper
joni mitchell the wolf that lives in lindsey mingus elektra
cocorosie milkman coconuts, plenty of junk food ep (self-released)
henry threadgill and make a move and this (excerpt) where's your cup? columbia
archie shepp consequences split lp w/ bill dixon savoy jazz
the khan jamal creative arts ensemble inner peace (excerpt) drum dance to the motherland lp em
lichens ringing wworlds (verfim) (excerpt) 2009 tour ep (self-released)
j.d. emmanuel through the inner planes solid dawn - electronic workds 1979-1982 kvist
cosmos you had to be there jar of jam, ton of bricks happy jack rock
patrick watson tracy's waters wooden arms secret city