no love for ned 
setlist for 9.21.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
ribamar duas vidas dancando com ribamar e seu conjunto lp columbia
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
post post say when meta meta ep awkwardcore
the mary onettes puzzles islands labrador
mike downey leaf and i the same heart (split ep w/ james sposa) heartphone
my little pony capital of norway oslo two compilation spoon train audio
the magic kids good to be hey boy 7" goner
shannon wright asleep honeybee girls vicious circle
orphan fairytale crybaby needs a hanky ladybird labyrinth lp ultra eczema
the shitty listener we don't have to be in love crying sweater ruralfaune
califone 1928 all my friends are funeral singers dead oceans
frank zappa envelopes piano pieces and telephone answering machine messages (unreleased)
white rainbow major spillage (excerpt) new clouds kranky
simon wickham-smith keyboarding (excerpt) a seventh persimmon tape drift
heather harper and charles rosen five lieder (opus four) - entrance boulez's complete webern, opuses 1-31 sony classical
rafael anton irisarri lumberton daydreaming miasmah
rose melberg old days homemade ship k
st. st. the less i take, the better live on no love for ned  
st. st. dancing with joy live on no love for ned  
st. st. o live on no love for ned  
the black heart procession last chance six temporary residence
do make say think make (excerpt) the other truths constellation
de kift voorbij voorbij krankenhaus konkurrel
new bloods oh, deadly nightshade! the secret life kill rock stars
the fresh and onlys happy to be living grey-eyed girls lp woodsist
sparks talent is an asset kimono my house island
headlights secrets wildlife polyvinyl
beck run, run, run record club - the velvet underground and nico (unreleased)
x-ray pop non mais psychedelik dolls lp rrrecords
katsen florian it hertz! shelflife
factums blue nude flowers sacred bones
joan as police woman sacred trickster cover reveal
diamond rings all yr songs split 7" w/ ps i love you hype lighter