no love for ned 
setlist for 6.07.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
this many boyfriends i don't like you ('cos you don't like the pastels) getting a life with this many boyfriends ep thee sheffield phographic corporation
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
cloud nothings even if it worked out didn't you old flame
eux autres world cup fever 2010 world cup fever 2010 digital single bon mots
the drums skippin' town s/t moshi moshi
the chap well done you well done europe lo
shapes and sizes tell your mum candle to your eye asthmatic kitty
the love language this room libraries merge
ai phoenix institution the driver is dead autonomy
villagers twenty seven strangers becoming a jackal domino
antarctica takes it! constellations constellations (self-released)
clemence freschard me + depth = two click click conky
dennis wilson you and i pacific ocean blue legacy
eden express on the beach summer bummer, get laid, get wasted compilation cassette bathetic
queen victoria monolith there will come soft rains cassette stunned
secret boyfriend elizabeth dragged to the ceiling cassette hot releases
kevin dunn creep no great loss - songs, 1979-1985 casa nueva
death domain ethidium bromide ethidium bromide 7" dark entries
falling for a square xo xo rain above
edibles invader split cassette w/ duck dive stunned
black unity trio final expression al-fatihah salaam
pan sonic and keiji haino preparation is unnecessary from this point on, leave me in the studio blast first petite
terry riley zucchini autodreamographical tales tzadik
sean mccann rememberin' continent cassette catholic tapes
the delmore brothers the fugitive's lament murder- songs from the dark side of the soul compilation trikont
phosphorescent we'll be here soon here's to taking it easy dead oceans
s. carey in the dirt all we grow jagjaguwar
wild nothing the witching hour gemini captured tracks
the la-de-da's how is the air up there how is the air up there, 1966-1967 ascension
pet milk permanent vacation demo cassette (self-released)
outrageous cherry unamerican girls seemingly solid reality alive
tall boys those kids the queen's jew compilation royal rhino flying records
the fresh and onlys vanishing cream vanishing cream 7" plastic spoon
blunt mechanic thrown out at third world record barsuk