no love for ned 
setlist for 10.04.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
eternal summers pogo silver kanine
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
seapony dreaming dreaming 7" double denim
aias a la piscina a la piscina captured tracks
cobson like a bike without brakes s/t (self-released)
veelee when you gonna come home? the future sight grip tapes
club 8 closer now closer now 7" labrador
mice parade recover what it means to be left-handed fat cat
devin s. harrison chocolate stereo (self-released)
sharon van etten save yourself epic ba da bing!
dark dark dark celebrate wild go supply and demand
jason simon strayin' s/t tee pee
marc ribot solaris silent movies pi
seaworthy and matt rosner meroo lake, part two two lakes 12k
portland cello project denmark thousand words sad rabbit
charles lloyd quartet caroline, no mirror ecm
the books the story of hip-hop the way out temporary residence
nightlands suzerain (a letter to the judge) forget the mantra secretly canadian
houses endlesss spring all night lefse
the drums when i come home (website mp3) (unreleased)
social studies run with fever wind up wooden heart antenna farm
aidan john moffat less than three ten short songs for modern lover 7" chemikal underground
piano magic exit ovations make mine music
siskiyou pull it away s/t constellation
women grey skies service animal 7" jagjaguwar
white denim if you're changing last day of summer (self-released)
snailhouse the shape i'm in monumental moments ep (self-released)
the fresh and onlys all shook up play it strange in the red
eux autres go dancing broken bow bon mots
run on a to z start packing matador
quickspace gloriana the death of quickspace matador
teenage fanclub catholic education a catholic education matador
bettie serveert this thing nowhere palomine matador
the san francisco seals baby blue nowhere matador
pavement trigger cut (live) matador at twenty-one compilation matador