no love for ned 
setlist for 11.15.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
cloud nothings understand at all s/t carpark
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
telekinesis car crash twelve desperate straight lines merge
small sins why don't you believe me? pot calls kettle black arts and crafts
the parting gifts strange disposition strychnine dandelion in the red
hayvanlar alemi hayagucu spor kulubu guarana superpower lp sublime frequencies
dead ghosts i want your love live tapes 12" psychic lunch
nobunny (do the) fuck yourself first blood goner
vermillion sands twenty hours twenty hours 7" trouble in mind
movie star junkies the sink song junkyears- rarities and farm recordings, 2005-2007 avant!
the big ragoo wreck of the big ragoo wreck of the big ragoo headphone treats
lime spiders slave girl slave girl 12" bigtime
cinema red and blue you're gonna screw my head off s/t what's your rupture?
bearsuit please don't take him back the phantom forest fortuna pop!
holland tumbleweeds down waverly sodium fawn ep teenbeat
hong kong in the sixties the flower of quince house places ep (self-released)
falling for a square blast off moon (self-released)
kasai allstars and juana molina hoy supe que viajes tradi-mods versus rockers- alternative takes on congotronics volume one compilation crammed
ned rothenberg and vladimir volkov little odessa live at dom dom
sun ra duos it's after the end of the world- live at the donaueschingen and berlin festivals universe
nils frahm nue wintermusik sonic pieces
perry leopold the thirty-fifth of may experiment in metaphysics lp (self-released)
sparkling wide pressure diamond now the no self journey cassette peasant magik
donovan quinn and the thirteenth month winter in a rented room your wicked man shrimper
bad blood forth worth (website mp3) (unreleased)
beggin' your pardon miss joan avon edges blackest rainbow
afrirampo hoshi no uta, part one we are uchu no ko rock action
sharon van etten you didn't really do that i'm giving up on you 7" polyvinyl
steven mckay slow down s/t fuzzy logic
jonathan richman my affected accent o moon, queen of night on earth vapor
bart and friends boredom i was lonely 'til i found you ep library
charles douglas part time lover the lives of charles douglas broken horse