no love for ned 
setlist for 04.04.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
the free design bubbles stars/time/bubbles/love light in the attic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
marbles cruel sound expo spinart
charlotte leslie les fille c'est fait pop a paris two - more rock 'n roll and miniskirts compilation sunnyside
tibilubin calling hettie jones i don't see you as a dead girl revola
pursesnatchers imperial relax brother, relax: a twentieth anniversary tribute to teenbeat records my mean magpie
the evens you won't feel a thing s/t dischord
feist secret heart let it die arts and crafts
mice parade satchelaise nights wave ep bubblecore
manyfingers three forms our worn shadow sharbon
akron/family shoes s/t young god
international airport from between my daddie's toes reunion of island goose geographic
adachi tomomi royal chorus namahage-mint yo tzadik
tigersmilk part two from the bottle family vineyard
harris newman the butcher's block / stopgap measure live on no love for ned  
harris newman it's a trap / cloud city live on no love for ned  
harris newman the wherewithall / lake shore drive (slight return) live on no love for ned  
curtis harvey trio changes everything comes and goes - a tribute to black sabbath temporary residence
vic chesnutt what do you mean? ghetto bells new west
minmae wayward scout i'd be scared, were you still burning greyday
cranebuilders fallen arches sometimes you hear through someone else skinny dog
marianne faithfull there is a ghost before the poison anti
four tet high fives everything ecstatic domino
the tape-beatles great difficulties the grand delusion public works
jon sheffield reaching kisses something left is never far notenuf
animals on wheels toasted bot bop designs and mistakes ninja tune
the london apartments circuit asaurus records ep club volume seven compilation asaurus