no love for ned 
setlist for 08.07.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
freeheat down back on the water planting seeds
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the sky drops green to red clouds of people ep fridabear
boat lanterns and laughing ladies songs that you might not like magic marker
mixtapes and cellmates photo jenny a century of covers - a tribute to belle and sebastian kirstin's postcards
alastair galbraith timebomb morse / gaudylight table of the elements
voices and organs back and forth orphanage western vinyl
chris corsano sweets blood pressure hot cars warp
cyann and ben words sweet beliefs ever
cortney tidwell the light s/t ep sissy bragg
the handsome family tesla's hotel room last days of wonder carrot top
james carr the dark end of the street the complete goldwax singles kent
magic arrows buzz sweet heavenly angel of death wobblyhead
mice parade with nobukaza takemura and aki tsuyuko mystery brethren vironment collaborations bubblecore
styrofoam your eyes only nothing's lost morr
frida hyvonen djuna! until death comes secretly canadian
katy davidson second hand nothing's quite as sure as change (self-released)
jana hunter (untitled) live on no love for ned  
phosphorescent cocaine lights live on no love for ned  
tiger saw to drown tonight live on no love for ned  
st. vincent marry me live on no love for ned  
rita calypso oltre i'acqua del fiume vida burguesa compilation siesta
bossanova it felt like a weight hey, sugar teenbeat
heavenly atta girl p.u.n.k. girl ep k
the legends the kids just wanna have fun up against the legends lakeshore
professor murder the mountain professor murder rides the subway ep kanine
white flight the condition s/t range life
golden bear victory is ours s/t c-side
pajo let it be me 1968 drag city
analogue goofball cognitive mapping volume ii compilation friction media
oakley hall having fun again gypsum strings brah
dwight pullen sunglasses after dark rockin' bones - 1950's punk and rockabilly box set rhino
mudhoney who will be the next in line the modern genius of ray davies tribute mojo
raccoon seaward bound strange terrain le bande-magnetique