no love for ned 
setlist for 08.14.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
i'm from barcelona jenny let me introduce my friends dolores
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
sean lennon on again, off again friendly fire capitol
colossal yes the honeycreeper smiles acapulco roughs ba da bing!
maestro echoplex my eyes are disconnected from my head is disconnected from my body last night i saw god on the dance floor catbird
st. thomas the long goodnights children of the new brigade racing junior
the orange humble band apple green slice cut (tamra tamla) assorted creams half-a-cow
arnold dreyblatt (track seven) nodal excitation dexter's cigars
the vegetable orchestra greenhouse automate transacoustic research
alarm will sound logon rock witch acoustica - the music of aphex twin cantaloupe
susanna and the magical orchestra don't think twice it's alright melody mountain rune grammofon
july skies the days we played where the days go make mine music
no birds triplets to solids flowers teargas recording tree
everyoned curtains s/t brilliante
sudden ensemble this is our music am 11 angelika koehlermann
thinking fellers union local 282 big hands lonelyville matador
the freshies tell her i'm ill the best of the freshies cherry red
the lovely feathers pope john paul live on no love for ned  
the lovely feathers rome is in the valley live on no love for ned  
the lovely feathers ossified live on no love for ned  
the lovely feathers wrong choice live on no love for ned  
the lovely feathers ooh you shocked me live on no love for ned  
the lovely feathers long walks live on no love for ned  
thunderbirds are now! we win (haha) make history french kiss
the oohlas across the stars in blue best stop pop stolen transmission
the promise ring emergency, emergency very emergency jade tree
a sunny day in glasgow the best summer ever the sunniest day ep (self-released)
bishop allen click click click click july ep (self-released)
ben kamen all my thirst cannot be met the cloud of unknowing demos (unreleased)
jed and lucia heaven don't need me candles in daylight unfound
el perro del mar candy s/t memphis industries
grumpy bear o'sullivan reacts to a heartache songs from the abattoir ep abandoned love
the rosewood thieves lonesome road from the decker house ep v2