no love for ned 
setlist for 09.04.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
holiday vacation double agent 1980 compilation double agent
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the positions someday bliss lazyline
the shermans my baby falling out of love ep shelflife
pants yell! new number four recent drama asaurus
caspers and the cookies learn how to disappear the optimist's club happy happy birthday to me
my little airport victor, fly me to stafford the ok thing to do on sunay afteoon is to toddle in the zoo harbour
slumber party hey hey china musik kill rock stars
mapstation featuring ras donovan gravity music out of place compilation staubgold
fat jon and styrofoam generic genes (spare parts) the same channel morr
broadcast where youth and laughter go the future crayon warp
the lemon kittens pain topics we buy a hammer for daddy united dairies
new bad things the i suck freewheel! candyass
the celebrity pilots speaking of candy beneath the pavement, a beach! sunken treasure
the pastels nothing to be done sittin' pretty homestead
el pino and the volunteers on the radio molten city excelsior
blood feathers bite my tongue curse and praise box theory
the spinto band oh mandy live on no love for ned  
the spinto band shortnin' bread live on no love for ned  
the spinto band direct to helmet live on no love for ned  
the spinto band spy versus spy live on no love for ned  
the spinto band brown boxes live on no love for ned  
king kong ding dong south street bridge kkdd ep badmaster
my little red toe room zum audio volume three compilation zum
robert pollard rhoda rhoda normal happiness merge
asleep in the sea oh my god untitled ep (self-released)
dark meat angel of meth universal indians cloud
tom verlaine the o of adore around thrill jockey
boxhead ensemble nocturne seven nocturnes atavistic
little wings one two three grow k
joanna newsom monkey and bear ys drag city
emily haines and the soft skeleton nothing and nowhere knives don't have your back last gang