no love for ned 
setlist for 09.18.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
herman dune i wish that i could see you soon giant source
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
bjorn kleinhenz leipzig lover trans pony mi amante
el toco orchester ist hate home recordings ep on the camper
holland mil neoprene so tight ep darla
bitmap soft bombs in the see-thru forest micro/macro gentle electric
igloo found s/t bubblecore
mary hansen twenty feet behind hybird ep horizontal
peterlicht frauen mit meerblick vierzehn lieder modul
casiotone for the painfully alone when you were mine young shields ep tomlab
sekiden one plus one equals heartache one plus one equals heartache ep redline
sugalo helliger vater staat kassettentaeter compilation (bootleg)
svalastog reconnecting joints woodwork rune grammofon
yuichiro fujimoto listen to november steps the mountain record ahornfelder
sandro perri circles friends help friends help friends ep (self-released)
kes hold on to your legs the jellys in the pot unstable ape
marzuki three days no one likes a nervous wreck ms
annie palmer ypsilanti won't you let me live on no love for ned  
annie palmer come home live on no love for ned  
annie palmer i will be the fire live on no love for ned  
annie palmer prettiest girl in new york live on no love for ned  
joyce feminina the essential joyce 1970-1996 emi
holly golightly nothing you can say god don't like it damaged goods
tara jane o'neil blue light room in circles quarterstick
lavender diamond in heaven there is no heat the cavalry of light ep (self-released)
carte blanche everyone around summer's end ep schmat
okkervil river o, dana overboard and down ep low transit industries
rodriguez capitol city swing like a metronome devil in the woods
soy captain poke and haunt us merci poo poo ep (self-released)
whysall lane watts s/t blackball
tsunami courage our band could be your life - a tribute to d. boon and the minutemen little brother
dog faced hermans keep your laws / off my body those deep buds alternative tentacles
rebar das math girl cognitive mapping volume ii compilation friction media