no love for ned 
setlist for 10.02.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
the bartlebees my fave ex-wife twen beat ep vinyl japan
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
ice cream socialists bird'z tale belles and missiles blind as a bat
bishop allen the same fire june ep (self-released)
pet politics sunday morning the spring ep catbird
points grey tonight you sleep alone off shore 1777rex
chocolate milkshake surprise intelligent deliciousness september twenty eighth (self-released)
dechemia velum bardo pond presents: sublimation compilation three lobed
kites something about america peace trials load
mouthus scatterings slow globes troubleman unlimited
terre thaemlitz mongoloid oh, no! it's rubato - piano interpretations of devo mille plateaux
minamo a heardsman's life (excerpt) a heardsman's life esquilo
chuzzlewit illuminated an experimental index of the heart low voltage
bowerbirds my oldest memory danger at sea ep internest collective
john cale paris 1919 (string mix) paris 1919 rhino uk
d+ clever knot no mystey pw elverum and sun
dawn landes accordion song dawn's music dock
portastatic like a pearl be still please merge
currituck county paid for grace hand/eye compilation hand/eye
jards macale 78 rotacoes s/t phillips
nouvelle vague dance with me bande a part peacefrog
the london apartments circuit logistics and navigation ep beggars banquet
minimum chips trouble free lady grey moteer
os mulheres negras mostros japoneses musica serve pra isso wea
rusty santos we got it so good eternity spans uunited acoustics
guido mobius boss bassa klisten klangkrieg
torngat la rouge la rouge ep (self-released)
the marshmallow kisses my dear giant i wonder why my favorite boy leaves me an ep (self-released)
busytoby my russian olive homemade hits, volume two compilation kittridge
masters of the hemisphere bat going on a trek to iceland 7" kindercore
the argyle wishlist obtuse triangle two shakes of a lamb's tail pickupsticks
junip carsick money talks - a tribute to the bear quartet west side
takeshi terauchi and the bunnys one fine day (from madame butterfly) let's go classics zippy