no love for ned 
setlist for 10.23.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
pete and the pirates she doesn't belong wait stop begin ep stolen
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the crabapples right/wrong homemade hits volume two compilation kittridge
ingenting hollywood dreams mycket vasen for igenting labrador
someone still loves you boris yeltsin what'll we do broom polyvinyl
pas/cal c.a.u. (sans muscle) dear sir ep le grand magistery
graves lincoln continental easy not easy hush
woolly leaves soft place to call home quiet water outside
eric metronome happy endings your should be happy sunken treasure
peter and the wolf the fall s/t whiskey and apples
freakwater cathy ann thinking of you thrill jockey
mark lanegan band out of nowhere bubblegum beggars banquet
shotgun and jaybird lovers of the world be on time trying to get somewhere sappy
matt elliott compassion fatique failing songs acuarela
mono due foglie, una candela: il soffio del vento memorie dal futoro 10" vinyl films
felipe and forte anteater shaggy black soft abuse
the franciscan hobbies secrets of the rose window at the world's end pseudoarcana
svarte greiner ocean out of wood knive type
yndi halda we flood empty lakes enjoy eternal bliss ep burnt toast vinyl
fourcolor flyaway letter of sounds 12k
relay project for the palace still point of turning bubblecore
boyskout school of etiquette girl monster compilation chicks on speed
mahogany the view from the people wall connectivity! darla
the jackson five you've really got a hold on me motown singles motown treasures compilation hip-o select
perfume azul do sol calca velha nascimento lp chantecler
pit er pat solstice pyramids thrill jockey
yo la tengo i'm your puppet mr. tough 7" matador
david kilgour crazy sugar mouth merge
bubblegum splash one of those things splashdown ep subway organization
karl larsson the stalker pale as milk bad taste
the sw!ms depth charge ride of the blueberry winter prison jazz
vivi bach and dietmar schonherr molotov cocktail party the in-kraut - hip shaking grooves made in germany 1966-1974 compilation marina
stereo total movie star oh ah! kill rock stars