no love for ned 
setlist for 11.06.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
transistor sound and lighting co. crayola s/t bmg
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
super xx man wedding song volume xi - a better place hush
dodo bird elves beware of the maniacs (self-released)
yellow fever donald s/t (self-released)
bette bright and the illuminations my boyfriend's back north by north west - liverpool and manchester from punk to post-punk and beyond 1976-1984 compilation korova
menomena ghostship friend and foe barsuk
hammock will you ever love yourself? raising your voice... trying to stop an echo darla
swearing at motorists not tonight exile on gipsstabe secretly canadian
whalebones cape alava s/t ep (self-released)
the ropers jumping someone else's train give me the cure tribute reborn
arab strap turbulence (bis remix) ten years of tears chemikal underground
architecture in helsinki frenchy i'm faking (dat politics remix) we died, they remixed bar/none
kristoffer ragnstam fashion do you want a piece of me ep bluhammock music
ratatat beat four nine beats (self-released)
no bra no woman no crime girl monster compilation chicks on speed
colon open bracket heartache of soccer moms first blood ep must destroy music
roommate status hounds songs the animals taught us plug research
get him eat him present tenses live on no love for ned  
get him eat him get down live on no love for ned  
get him eat him push and pull live on no love for ned  
get him eat him murphy bed live on no love for ned  
get him eat him diminutive live on no love for ned  
exit clov band seeking jolly roger sessions ep live wire
linus of hollywood when are we going to do it? triangle franklin castle
mazarin i know there's an answer do it again - a tribute to pet sounds houston party
sloan listen to the radio never hear the end of it murderecords
fred savage fanclub sleep it off jellybeans with belly buttons she's gone
math and physics club la la la lisa s/t matinee
peppertree le vide de ta peau s/t (self-released)
the sleepy jackson i understand what you want but i just don't agree personality (one was a spider, one was a bird) astralwerks
vopat sumner rusk tell them we are dead inam
holy sons slave morality decline of the west awful bliss
fred thomas fire sink like a syphony corleone
the chills look for the good in others heavenly pop hits flying nun