no love for ned 
setlist for 11.20.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
oxford collapse for the khakis and the sweatshirts remember the night parties subpop
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
m coast feel like say it in slang happy happy birthday to me
colin clary sweater weather or not, these are the songs i got asaurus
doleful lions there's no other (like my baby) song cyclops, volume two parasol
dustin and the furniture true nature dancing on nothing oh! map
pelle carlberg oh no it's happening again everything. now! labrador
jarvis cocker disney time jarvis rough trade
hawksley workman goodbye to radio treeful of starling universal
rock plaza central our hearts will not rust are we not horses (self-released)
alasdair roberts let me ride and bleed awhile the amber gatherers drag city
santana naima dance of the rainbow serpent legacy
hans appelqvist du, min naima naima hapna
tetuzi akiyama and jason kohn akiyama nine till we meet again for four eyes
loren connors woman taken in adultery night through - singles and collected works 1976-2004 family vineyard
pere ubu blow daddy-o dub housing thirsty ear
mouthus and yellow swans improv live on no love for ned  
shakuhachi surprise shacho space streakings sighted over mount shasta skin graft
tujiko noriko tokyo tower from tokyo to naiagara tomlab
prototypes je ne te connais pas je ne te connais pas ep minty fresh
sonic boom rock and roll is killing me your invitation to suicide - a tribute to the songs of martin rev and alan vega munster
loveninjas the way i wanna be like johnny c ep labrador
fan modine the back and forth homeland grimsey
hypatia lake scene three- fishes versus lines ...and we shall call him joseph sad robot
golden bear a reason to be proud s/t c-side
califone a chinese actor roots and crowns thrill jockey
normanoak song for mercury friends and relatives records presents volume two compilation friends and relatives
nikaidoh kazumi full of love you dropped something again, didn't you poet portraits