no love for ned 
setlist for 12.04.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
the ladybug transistor everybody's missing the sun here comes the rain ep green ufos
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the argyle wishlist robin egg blue kuhl pickupsticks
r. stevie moore part of the problem nevertheless optomistic innova
gruff rhys beacon in the darkness candylion rough trade
billie the vision and the dancers stay awake i was so unpopular in school and now they're giving me this beautiful bicycle beat that!
the monolith tonight meet you at the monolith fortune
kimmo pohjonen saatto kielo rockadillo
zammuto lacy's visit with my brother mark willscher apt-b
svarte greiner boat depardieu depardieu 7" type
rivulets to be home you are my home important
stephin merritt and he would say... showtunes nonesuch
peter and the wolf the bonsai tree lightness the worker's institute
summer hymns way you walk backward masks misra
ruthann friedman sky is moving south a hurried life water
tom rapp the swimmer (for kurt cobain) journal of the plague year woronzow
the green pajamas she turns me on the night races into anna hidden agenda
julie doiron dark horse woke myself up jagjaguwar
alina simone velvet painting placelessness (unreleased)
seekonk armstrong pinkwood north east indie
the lesser birds of paradise spider outside space between contraphonic
band of horses wicked gil everything all the time subpop
jeffrey and jack lewis time machine city and eastern songs rough trade
frightened rabbit the greys sing the greys hits the fan
the evens cache is empty get evens dischord
peter jefferies chain or reaction the last great challenge in a dull world ajax
josef k drone entomology domino
hi red center evildoer architectural failures pangaea
mark kozelek tiny cities little drummer boy live caldo verde
the inner banks siberia s/t dag!
heezen fractura secret speech ep 12rec
robert horton musclefish dirt speak digitalis industries
micecars underwater slug i'm the creature homesleep
casiotone for the painfully alone sunday street graceland 7" rococo