no love for ned 
setlist for 12.11.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
vollmar the girl from here to there okay bluesanct
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
lee hazlewood nothing cake or death bpx 1992
unisex the anti-gravity league stratosfear double agent
the come ons hello stars mopop
au revoir simone night majestic the bird of music moshi moshi
mike downey television world dead spy ep bunch of beatniks
cornelius music sensuous warner japan
secret mommy pool very recs ache
strountes as if caught s/t slottet
jandek blue blue world glasgow sunday corwood industries
red krayola the essence of life red gold ep drag city
strapping fieldhands lunar diversions wattle and daub shangri-la
the hollows cavalry it was on fire when i lay down on it road
elephant micah tempo of doom elephant micah and the loud guitars time-lag
chris d. and the divine horseman time stands still time stands still atavistic
two dollar guitar cascade live on no love for ned  
two dollar guitar wild night live on no love for ned  
two dollar guitar swamp girl live on no love for ned  
two dollar guitar wide load live on no love for ned  
two dollar guitar four o'clock live on no love for ned  
the no-no's girlfriend let your shadow out ep animal world
gray home music silver stars motorcycle one third uncle
nothing painted blue cornstarch taste the flavor shrimper
the psychic paramount echo air origins and primitives volumes one and two no quarter
architecture in helsinki wishbone (franc tetaz remix) we died, they remixed bar/none
arbouretum wisteria long live the well-doer box tree
monkeeman painkiller s/t el muto
barzin just more drugs (resonance fm glass shrimp session) just more drugs ep monotreme
the smittens i hate vermont gentlefication now! dangerfive
the shivers sun is gone charades (self-released)