no love for ned 
setlist for 1.22.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the mynah birds it's my time the complete motown singles volume six - 1966 hip-o select
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the replacements kiss me on the bus tim sire
eugenius flame on oomalama atlantic
the apples in stereo can you feel it? new magnetic wonder simian
holland destroyer bright the paris hilton mujahideen teenbeat
nurse and soldier back in yr corner marginalia brah
explosions in the sky welcome, ghosts all of a sudden i miss everyone temporary residence
verde remote-cutoff pentode legenda musically incorrect
fennesz caecilia endless summer mego
lullatone magical... lullatone plays pajama pop pour vous audio dregs
andre herman dune how i feel about you taglich brot shrimper
the terminals batwing flying nun twenty fifth anniversary box set flying nun
alastair galbraith and graeme jefferies bravely bravely making losers happy - xpressway nz singles 1988-1991 compilation drag city
the renderers all around the world the surfance of jupiter ajax
sin ropas roulette wild fire prizes zeal
peter and the wolf desert epic adventure song live on no love for ned  
peter and the wolf dear old robyn live on no love for ned  
peter and the wolf foghorn adventure into the unknown live on no love for ned  
peter and the wolf the island song live on no love for ned  
a boy named thor scenes from another boy's life the pirates of temptation island (split ep w/ bad weather california) best friends
the fawns sixteen a nice place to be rub wrongways
the pines please don't get married (without asking me) it's been a while matinee
the specific heats dependable ninety-two aboard a spaceship of the imagination total gaylord
teenage fanclub association! international airport - association! ep geographic
blanket music reno the love hush
deerhunter heatherhwood cryptograms kranky
the hylozoists strait is the gate la fin du monde boompa
love of diagrams no way out s/t ep matador
spinvis lieverd ja! ep excelsior
leslie and the ly's tune in tokyo gold pants (self-released)
sloan fading into obscurity never hear the end of it yep roc