no love for ned 
setlist for 2.12.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
pizzicato five baby love child this year's girl sony japan
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the zincs the elementa moth and marriage ohio gold
park avenue music how's your 401k? for your home or office ep clairecords
sparks gone with the wind big beat island (uk)
momus ashes to ashes (demo) (website mp3) (unreleased)
yawn temps et confiance calyx (self-released)
the spheres traverse the sky in three great steps (part one) audible lines (self-released)
the plants gnostic flame double infinity paradigms
hush arbors the forest we've been under bent limb trees digitalis
silvester anfang eenich haijrin de beutere satanische vrede kraak
able tasmans and we swam the magic bay a cuppa tea and a lie down flying nun
carissa's wierd gauze scrap book (self-released)
field music tones of town tones of town memphis industries
the besnard lakes cedic's war the besnard lakes are the dark horse jagjaguwar
christa pfangen simply, just an object watch me getting back the end numero group
curtains fletcher's favorite live on no love for ned  
curtains bummer with cakes live on no love for ned  
curtains spinning top live on no love for ned  
curtains invisible string live on no love for ned  
rollerskate skinny lunasa shoulder voices beggars banquet
true primes we have won (reprise) we have won locust
comet gain mainlining mystery imagine the shapes compilation what's your rupture
king kong orange ocean buncha beans drag city
the raincoats love a loser looking in the shadows dgc
lucky soul ain't never been cool ain't never been cool ep ruffa lane
the sneetches i don't expect her for you (look at that girl) 1985-1991 alias
wiretree summercity bouldin cobaltworks
euros childs bore da bore da wichita
great lake swimmers to leave it behind (band version) hands in dirty ground ep magwheel
toquinho and vinicius de moraes menina das duas trancas sao demais os perigros desta vida rge