no love for ned 
setlist for 2.19.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
papercuts summer long can't go back gnomonsong
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
bikeride trouble the kiss shmamm
pups looking up i'm confused, sir 7" tomlab
tacks, the boy disaster paris oh, beatrice ep (self-released)
christina rosenvinge window continental 62 smells like
dustin and the furniture sunset where the trees go oh! map
rand and holland oh my love caravans spunk
soulsavers with mark lanegan through my sails it's not how far you fall, it's the way you land v2
chin up chin up stolen mountains this harness can't ride anything suicide squeeze
durutti column piece for an ideal from brussels with love compilation ltm
japancakes and begin belmondo darla
fonoda the new red, part one eventually buro
essie jain understand we made this ourselves ba da bing!
theath love is all around red path ep tract
badgerlore mountain wine we are all hopeful farmers, we are all scared rabbits table of the elements
ignatz silver moon... shine sun! sun! sun! ii kraak
psychedelic horseshit rather dull live on no love for ned  
psychedelic horseshit country punk live on no love for ned  
psychedelic horseshit can't get enough live on no love for ned  
psychedelic horseshit (untitled) live on no love for ned  
psychedelic horseshit in the know live on no love for ned  
psychedelic horseshit bad vibrations live on no love for ned  
future of the left the lord hates a coward (demo) (website mp3) (unreleased)
eric gaffney in line uncharted waters old gold
same people don nadie soy sons of yma - a collection of peruvian garage and instrumental bands from the sixties! compilation yma
associates paper house the affectionate punch (remastered) fiction
the thirsty boys in the midst of a dream in a can ep teenbeat
brian auger and the trinity with julie driscoll season of the witch open marmalade
mirah body below (live) college park is always ready to party lp morning light
people under the bridge rose material and focus guru/robot
the parson red heads punctual as usual king giraffe yukon
robert pollard accidental texas who normal happiness merge
ted leo and the pharmacists who do you love? living with the living touch and go