no love for ned 
setlist for 4.09.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
sapat dark silver mortise and tenon siltbreeze
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
thee more shallows oh yes, another mother book of bad breaks anticon
someone still loves you boris yeltsin half-away (deb) not worth fighting 7" polyvinyl
versus knead drawn and quartered ep insound
hulaboy calling eve the genius of (the) hulaboy 555
wan light a good day for a good day off carmaline labrador
azeda booth dead girls mysterious body ep (self-released)
handsome furs dead and rural plague park subpop
lukid western swing onandon werk
yacht the magic beat i believe in you. your magic is real. marriage
people press play before me s/t morr
sakert! stetoskop s/t razzia
barzin we can't change the past eye of the beholder iv compilation tract
stars your ex-lover is dead (final fantasy remix) do you trust your friends? arts and crafts
the hilliard ensemble anima mea liquefacta est hilliard live four - dufay hilliard live
efterklang hands playing butterfly under giant trees leaf
glen hansard and marketta irglova the swell season the swell season overcoat
wooden wand wired to the sky james and the quiet ecstatic peace
rollo call pinhole lp inoxia
cold bleak heat should we destroy the hubble? simitu family vineyard
tom waits walk away orphans anti
jana hunter sleep there's no home gnomonsong
nina nastasia brad haunts a party on leaving fat cat
robert pollard circle saw boys club silverfish trivia ep prom is coming
nothing painted blue foundation slips emotional discipline scat
the crosswalks escape plan new ghost lights (self-released)
moon pleasure without earth and the moon rev-ola
the grade grubbers kelsi page let's kiss to make it real yellow mica
lunchbox evolver evolver magic marker
my teenage stride ears like golden bats ears like golden bats becalmed
alden penner the ghost of creaky crater the ghost of creaky crater 7" art school dropout
tullycraft if you take away the makeup, then the vampires they will die live in chicago - february 23rd, 2007 (unreleased)
evil wiener silver dollars the haunted house of our love american primitive
the icicles crazy arrivals and departures microindie