no love for ned 
setlist for 4.30.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
seabear cat piano the ghost that carried us away morr
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
golden birds sious falls, south dakota transamerica ep (self-released)
we all together young people s/t lazarus audio
feist sea lion woman the reminder cherrytree
frida hyvonen for me to say esopus cd number eight - spam compilation esopus
the crayon fields living so well animal bells chapter
aa fingers to fist gaame gigantic
the books all a's playall dvd (self-released)
white/lichens amdusia, or amdukias s/t holy mountain
tony oxley eiroc ii s/t incus
peter and the wolf fireflies fireflies whiskey and apples
oakley hall volume ramblers (live) wuag presents - taylor twenty five, a nostalgic retrospective compilation wuag
retribution gospel choir what she turned into second tour ep chairkickers union
joel plaskett emergency drunk teenagers ashtray rock maple
kristofer astrom just a little insane rainawaytown startracks
elias and the wizzkids i want you s/t ep (self-released)
evil wiener laughed at my heart live on no love for ned  
evil wiener allergic to morning live on no love for ned  
evil wiener bad manners live on no love for ned  
evil wiener topsy turvy live on no love for ned  
evil wiener we're both crazy live on no love for ned  
evil wiener marching band live on no love for ned  
evil wiener black cat live on no love for ned  
harlan computer games under the sun the still beat odd thud
even as we speak must be something else fountain island compilation sarah
r. stevie moore part of the problem clack! rsmcc
coralie clement l'enfer la musique du moment compilation zonophone
dungen gor det nu tio bitar kemado
the teeth the trumpets blared you're my lover now park the van
mary timony band killed by the telephone the shapes we make kill rock stars
golden shoulders spirit of '78 let my burden be doppler
the ladybug transistor empty bottles here comes the rain ep green ufos
the mendoza line molly, please stop touching me if they knew this was the end bar/none