no love for ned 
setlist for 6.04.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
let's wrestle i wish i was in husker du song for abba tribute record 7" marquis cha cha
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the ghost is dancing wall of snow the darkest spark sonic unyon
saturday looks good to me edison girls fill up the room k
red pony clock nothing's worse than being uncool tunes from terrace towers asaurus
glen hansard and marketa irglova fallen from the sky once soundtrack columbia
erdmoebel i started a joke number one hits columbia (germany)
twink rocket pop ice cream truckin' mulatta
circle black tape panic ektro
alastair galbraith, alex neilson, and richard youngs paint on the skeleton belsayer time lp time-lag
carbon dating service adoptions at the zoo polyentendrii teargas recording tree
soft hearted scientists light years to nothing take time to wonder in a whirling world my kung fu
deer tick diamond rings 2007 war elephant feow!
xiu xiu larsen little mouse of the favelas spicchiology? important
tulsa drone mean season songs from a mean season dry county
white rabbits kid on my shoulders fort nightly say hey
flaspar all them free live on no love for ned  
flaspar nothing left but fire now live on no love for ned  
flaspar ardor ardor live on no love for ned  
flaspar doom pendulum live on no love for ned  
architecture in helsinki feather in a baseball cap places like this polyvinyl
they shoot horses don't they? what is that? pick up sticks kill rock stars
videohippos downfall unbeast the leash monitor
club 8 whatever you want whatever you want ep labrador
incredible shrinking man i like to breathe at the gong show ep sundays in spring
the salteens time you have been wasting let go of your bad days drive-in
cub your bed the cbc radio three sessions compilation mint
fishboy racecar albatross - how we failed to save the lone star state with rock and roll happy happy birthday to me
rah rah flamingo songs for pasquala (self-released)
coltrane motion dozier-holland-dozier songs about music data was lost
thomas jefferson slave apartments spasm of mortality you lookin' for treble year xero
ben and vesper an honest bluff all this could kill you sounds familyre